Types of Roof for a Conservatory or Orangery

Traditionally conservatories and orangeries have always had glass or polycarbonate roofs. This can make them very light and make them look more spacious, but it can also affect their thermal efficiency, making the room cold in winter and far too hot in summer. When a conservatory is given a different type of roof, it can change the way it looks and feels so that it is much more comfortable all year round. A modern conservatory or orangery might use a tiled roof instead, which is an alternative that improves energy efficiency. Some homeowners also like the appearance a lot more because it makes the conservatory look more ‘permanent’, because it is more like the rest of the home in its look and feel. The roofing will blend in, so that it isn’t so obviously a conservatory or orangery and looks more like an extension. Tiled roofs are a great option for these reasons.