The Three Different Types of Log Burners

You might think of log burners as being very traditional additions to the home, offering a homely, warming aesthetic that make your living room feel more cosy. Certainly in the past this has been true, and log burners have had a country cottage feel to them. Now, though, there are different types of log burner that will lend your home a very different aesthetic, without losing any of the charm of a beautiful wood burning fire.

Burning wood is an eco friendly way to heat a home and make it more self sufficient, as well as the obvious aesthetic benefits. All of these benefits should be weighed up when deciding whether a log burner will be right for you. If you decide that it is, don’t feel at all held back with aesthetic considerations. There are many configurations and styles available to buy that will be perfect for your home and will lend it the perfect kind of appearance depending on how you’d like it to look.

Choosing the ideal log burner – the three main types you can select

These are the three main types of log burner you can choose from when making your selection:

  1. Traditional log burners. These are the typical, traditional types of stove that will make your home look cosy and comfortable, with a lovely crackling fire in the hearth. They are usually black in colour but not always – there might be other pastel shades available, or colours such as dark grey and charcoal. You will usually find a mixture of classical and modern lines, giving a traditional stove its distinctive appearance. A large window at the front will usually be arched in shape, giving a good view of the fire inside. There may also be some traditional patterning adorning this window.
  2. Modern log burners. Similar in style to a traditional log burner, but different in feel, a modern stove is the perfect choice for a minimalist home. Clean lines and less decoration on the body of the stove itself will create an instantly more modern appearance. You might more commonly see shapes such as ovals, cylinders and rectangles with minimum fuss, creating a clean and contemporary look. You might also have larger expanses of glass, showing the flames inside the wood burner to their full advantage. You might also get some more adventurous colours in the modern log burner collection.
  3. Inset log burners. Inset log burners are modern in their appearance, sitting flush within a wall or fireplace. They create the most modern and contemporary lines by not jutting out, blending in, yet at the same time, creating a real statement. You might choose to make a whole feature wall or area of your inset stove, or you might have one that is installed flush within a fireplace to make the best use of the space you already have available.

All three types of log burner are perfect for different types of home, so the decision is yours entirely. You can select a log burner in your own time, to match your own interior design preferences. You’ll be able to find an option that’s perfect for your home.