Should I Purchase Spreader Beams?

In the world of lifting equipment, you will likely notice many different pieces of machinery and additional items you can purchase.

The Basics

Let’s begin our research with a basic understanding. A spreader beam is used to assist with heavy lifting. The weight is supported across To know whether this is the best piece of lifting equipment to be using you want to think about what you are lifting, where it is going and how much it weighs. This will help you to decide if this is the right product for you.

The Benefits

When considering any item for your business, you want to understand what benefits it is likely to bring you. So, let’s delve straight into it.

One of the benefits of investing in spreader beams is they tend to be much cheaper than the alternative lifting beams. This is due to the materials they are made from. But you shouldn’t worry, this does not have an impact on their lifting capability.

Following on from this, they do have high lifting capabilities. This is due to the weight being spread across the entire beam. Meaning even though it tends to be made form cheaper materials, it still has the same lifting capabilities.

Fianlly, this type of beam offers a lot of support within lifting. Unlike other options on the market, this style is going to help with support, helping to prevent tipping and bending of the beam.

The Disadvatnages

Of course, when you are looking into making any kind of investment, you want to have a clear idea on any disadvantages a certain product may have. So, what are some of them to look out for?

You will find that this style of beam does require more overhead room due to its design. This means it is not going to be possible to use this item where overhead space is limited.

Another disadvantage we want to share is the fact that you may still require tag lines for longer and heavier loads to help bring extra support when necessary. Meaning you may need to purchase more additional equipment than you were first expecting.

Should We Purchase Them?

The time has come to make a conclusion on whether or not you should purchaser spreader beams. Of course, this does come down to you. But if you have the space and the budget, this piece of lifting equipment is going to be a worthwhile investment. The extra security and safety is something that should be highly considered when deciding to make this investment.

If the budget does not allow, there are many other option available on the market. But if a spreader beam is what you are after, we do recommend saving up for as long as you can for this. As even though there are other products available, there is nothing quite like a spreader beam.