Purchasing A Used Crane – Here’s What You Need To Know

When working in construction, a crane is likely on your list of equipment that you need to purchase. Now, purchasing a brand new crane may not be feasible for every construction company as they are very pricey. But not to worry, there is the option to purchase used cranes from other construction companies that are looking to upgrade. This is a more affordable way for you to purchase a crane for your business. But when purchasing a used crane, there are a few things you need to look out for. Today, we are going to share some of these with you.

The Price – Are You Being Ripped Off?
Firstly you want to look at the price you are going to be paying. Compare this price to what the crane will cost to purchase new. You should also compare it to others that are on the market. You need to decide whether or not this is a good deal. Think about how much it has been used, and more importantly if there is any way you could get a better deal by knocking some money off.

Will It Need Replacements?
When purchasing a used crane, you need to remember that it has been used. This will likely mean that certain aspects of the crane will need to be replaced to ensure it is operating to the best of its ability and safely. These are generally the metal chains that will be used to lift items with the crane. If this need replacement, you can knock down the price to cover the cost of these chains.

Is It Right For Your Business?
You will also need to consider if this used crane is right for your business. You may find a good deal, but the crane may not be right for your business. It may be too large or too small for your business. Make sure you are only purchasing a crane that is right for your business.