Electric Hoists Or Manual Hoists?

Hoists are integral pieces of lifting equipment that you couldn’t be without on site. They help you to lift safely, quickly and more efficiently, lifting loads that could never safely be lifted by hand. Electric hoists will speed up your operations dramatically and will help you to achieve more in less time. What more could a site manager want from lifting processes? Anything that makes life easier for a builder and a crane operative is a welcome addition to daily site life.

When you have a hoist installed on site, there will be two main choices you are presented with:

  1. Manual hoist. This type of hoist will be operated entirely by hand, so whilst it will be better than manual lifting, it won’t be able to take such big loads. You may also be somewhat limited in the size and shape of the loads as they will need to be effectively balanced in order for you to lift them with a manual hoist.
  2. Electric hoists. These come in two varieties: electric chain hoists and electric wire rope hoists. Both are used for the same purpose – automating lifting processes – but in general, an electric chain hoist will be able to lift heavier loads and can offer you more advanced operation.

So why do people choose electric hoists over manual hoists? These are some of the key reasons you need to think about:

  • Heavy duty lifting. You can lift much larger loads with an electric wire rope hoist or an electric chain hoist. If you regularly lift loads of different sizes, then you are better off choosing one of these options, as they will ensure that you can lift the heavier loads when needed. You can also lift lighter loads with them so they are the more all-round option.
  • Different operation speeds. You can choose to operate the load at different speeds during the lifting process, which can help you to lower it down safely and gently and also to lift it at faster paces when appropriate.
  • Radio remote controls. This means that the lifting hoist can be controlled remotely, so the operative can be further away from the crane. This is the safest option there is, as nobody has to be near to the load whilst it is in transit. It also allows you to see the lifting process more clearly, from afar.
  • Limit switches. You will be able to control the hook path, meaning there is no room for error when lower and lifting. This is beneficial if you are lifting a more delicate load.
  • Good value for money. An electric chain hoist will last a long time, especially if you buy one that is from a good manufacturer and a well known brand. You can rely on it to carry out lifting processes on site for you for many years to come. What’s more, it will help you speed up processes so you can carry out more in the same length of time. This will help you to make more money and make your business more profitable.