Drum Dolly to Help with Lifting

Drum dolleys are integral to the safe transportation of drums; drum handling and moving is made much easier by using a dolly instead of transporting heavy items by hand. A drum dolly might be used when unloading and loading drums, in general day to day logistics, and when safely stacking and storing drums in a setting such as a warehouse. In general, any business or individual involved in heavy material handling of drums and similar equipment will be able to make good use of drum dolleys.

Drums, or barrels, are important for safely transporting loads and for shipping cargo in bulk. They might be used to store and transport liquids and powders, and are often approved for the transportation of dangerous goods because they will store them safely during shipping. They will also store them safely before and after shipping as long as the drums themselves are handled and stored correctly. Transporting them in the right manner, often by using a dolly or a trolley, will help with this correct method of handling.

When drum dolleys are used correctly they become important health and safety aids that allow drums to be transported efficiently and easily, but above all safely. These are some of the top factors to consider when transporting drums safely using dolleys:

  • Safe loading and unloading. The drum needs to be loaded in the right way in the first place or the dolley will not work as it should. This could even make transportation more dangerous than doing it manually as the drum could topple off and injure someone. The drum should always be loaded and unloaded safely, with more than one person present if needed, and secured properly into place. Using a drum lifter will also ensure correct loading.
  • Maximum capacity needs to be considered. A pressed steel drum dolly will usually not have as high a capacity as a heavy duty steel drum trolley, which can generally hold around 400kg of weight. The weight limits will always need to be properly checked before loading and transportation, as well as the type and size of drum that can be used. Each dolly will say whether it is to be used with steel, poly or fiber drums, and the suitable capacity of these drums.
  • Maintenance and suitability for use. Drum dolleys will need to be correctly maintained and in good condition before they can be used to transport drums. It is good practice to carry out a visual check before loading and using any kind of dolly or trolley.

When should a trolley be used instead of a dolly?

Drum trollies might be preferable if a handle is required for transportation and if a higher capacity is required. The handle can help with loading and loading because it can also act as a drum tilter, and it can be used to direct the load when moving it. For smaller drums, where there is a shorter distance to travel, a drum dolly is an economical, compact and sensible choice.