Different Types of Opening Mechanisms with Garage Doors

Garage doors are a diverse group of products that have different appearances and different functions that can make them more or less desirable for different people. When it comes to these products, each type of garage door is largely separated by different opening mechanisms. You might be wondering what the importance of the opening mechanism of a garage door is, however this is the most important factor to consider regarding which garage door you should purchase. Not only does the type of opening mechanism determine what the cost of your door is, but it is also an important concern for how the door functions in a meaningful way.

The first and most fundamental issue to concern yourself with regarding your garage door purchase is how much space you have to play with. If you only have a small driveway, something like an up and over door may not be your best option. This is because this product tends to project itself outwardly when it is being opened, which will mean that any vehicle you are trying to place inside the garage will have to be further away from the garage, potentially still posed out on the road. This can make a door that operates on hinges like an up and over door, or even especially a side-opening door, a potential problem. Even if this is not the case, an up and over garage door is also only really suitable for garages that have a lot of headspace, as you should expect the door to take up approximately an extra food of head space. The benefit of this type of door is that they are generally quick and easy to open.

Another type of opening mechanism is a roller door. This type of door is made up of multiple slats that can be rolled up so that they take up minimal space. They can also be designed in such a way that they either roll up horizontally above the entrance to the garage, or to the side of the doorway vertically. Depending on the dimensions of your garage, either option is potentially a good choice. Although roller garage doors can also be a manual operation, these types of garage door much more regularly implement some type of electric door opener, as these type of doors are often heavier.

Electric door openers are an excellent addition that can be added to just about any door, and they are sometimes necessary, depending on the size and weight of your door. Often times, people choose to get heavier duty garage doors, whether they are up and over or roller doors, as they want to get insulated doors so that cars and machinery stored in a garage don’t suffer from freezing temperatures. This can add a lot of weight that can be difficult to operate manually, and therefore an electrical motor system to enable electric door openers are preferable. These are also a great option for those looking for the convenience factor of not having to leave the car every time they enter or leave the garage just to park their car.