Bespoke Jib Cranes in Warehouses

Jib cranes can be standard, but they are often bespoke, made specifically for the environment where they are going to be used. A tailored jib crane will be made specifically to the requirements of the environment where it is used, so it will usually be a very good fit and will provide maximum output, something that is very important when assessing the cost effectiveness of something like a new jib crane.

Some of the things that can be adapted when a jib crane is bespoke are:

  • Headroom – bespoke cranes can be adapted for environments where space is tight
  • Mounting – it can be freestanding or can be mounted on a wall or post
  • Functionality
  • Lifting capacity

It can therefore be good value for money to get a bespoke jib crane because you won’t be paying for one that has a far higher capacity than you need, or different functionality to what you require.