Attachments for Forklift Trucks

Forklift trucks without any attachments can do lots of lifting and loading, making light of various loads of different shapes and sizes. With fork attachments as well, forklift trucks become even more adaptable and versatile, able to perform lifts for loads of various weights, capacities and sizes.

Attachments come in different types but some of the most popular are pallet lifter attachments. These attach onto the original forks, extend them and change their shape so that a pallet can easily be loaded and lifted. The forks are easy to attached and detach so they can be used as needed, or the forklift can be used in its original configuration. Having fork truck extensions to hand is therefore very useful, as they are not expensive and are very easy to use, and they can easily and quickly make a whole host of different lifts possible. The majority of loads can be lifted with one truck.