Why Choose a Polycarbonate Dome?

Polycarbonate domes are a type of rooflight. They are fitted into the ceiling of a building to let more natural light come into the space. If you are considering having a rooflight fitted to increase natural light and make a space more inviting, you should seriously consider a polycarbonate dome.

Domes are usually used for commercial spaces as they are very practical. They let in lots of light due to their shape and they are available in a range of sizes to fit into different roof spaces. They are most often used in factories, offices and public buildings like schools or hospitals.

The main appeal of polycarbonate materials is their price and their durability. Polycarbonate is tougher than glass and will last a long time. It is also usually cheaper, as glass rooflights tend to be used to create a more premium look for homes. Polycarbonate domes are safe, secure and very sturdy.