What Traffolyte Signage Can Do for Your Business

Whenever a client, prospective employee or contractor steps onto your business premises, impressions matter. Regardless of whether this truly reflects your company’s level of efficiency and professionalism, wilting plants, overflowing dustbins and, yes, cheap signage will all contribute to you being taken less seriously.

Traffolyte is simply a trade name for a material consisting of several sheets of plastic laminated together. With each sheet being a different colour, the engraved design is easily readable in a variety of light conditions and from any angle, unlike signage which is simply printed on some surface. A wide range of colours, typically two per sheet, are available for optimal visibility or decorative purposes.

Traffolyte is available in versions which realistically simulate materials such as aluminium and brass at a fraction of the cost. Labels made from it are generally not stock items but can be quickly and cheaply engraved to your bespoke specifications.

Increased Efficiency and Safety

Though it may seem silly or even improbable, clear signage can significantly improve workplace safety. Particularly in an emergency, or when it comes to someone unfamiliar with workshop procedures, precautions such as clearly labelling the location of fire extinguishers and marking sensitive areas as “Authorised Personnel Only” can pay dividends. In many cases, these signs are also required by Health & Safety regulations.

Additionally, productivity suffers if new hires or visitors can’t find their way around. Clear labelling of storage areas and offices, as well as posting floor plans both for daily use and to indicate emergency evacuation routes, will stop people from having to wander about randomly as they search for where they’re going.

Any business which uses machinery can benefit from clear labelling of the controls. Regardless of whether we’re talking about a telephone switchboard, a winch control switch or an electrical panel, mistakes caused by confusion can waste time if not cost money.

Improve Your Corporate Image

Facebook’s main sign at its corporate headquarters is somewhat famously painted on the back of that of the previous tenant, Sun Microsystems. While this makes a certain statement about the pace of change in the technology world, this might not be the most suitable approach in your case.

If you rely on walk-in business, clear, attractive signage is essential both outside and within your premises. Customers who don’t know where to go, or are confronted with photocopies held up by sticky tape, will not have the best experience possible. This affects the amount they’ll be willing to spend as well as the likelihood of them returning.

Even in other contexts, looking at your interior labelling objectively will likely suggest several possible improvements. Marking desks or offices with an employee’s name makes them feel more appreciated and simplifies giving directions to visitors. Since Traffolyte engraving is completely bespoke, there is nothing stopping you from including your company logo on these and other signs, subtly but constantly reinforcing your brand image. If you supply a physical product, attaching a traffolyte label for serial numbers and other information gives a far superior impression to other options.

* * *

Whether you need a single nameplate or a thousand signs, Traffolyte engraving is likely to yield the best appearance at the lowest cost. The engraving process is computerised and therefore extremely fast, accurate and programmable. Consider making use of this remarkable material to improve your business in various ways.