Uses and Benefits of Chain Slings

Chain slings have been an integral part of lifting equipment industry because they are ideal for application at places where there is need of extra strength. They are an excellent choice in environmental hazards such as chemical-related hazards, excessive heat supply, and temperature.

Chain slings for lifting purposes are available in different grade types, like grade 80, grade 100 and grade120 chain flings. All three varieties of chain slings are considered safe for the purpose of overhead lifting requirements, which makes them an ideal lifting sling. All these slings are capable of lifting heavy duty loads and facilitate huge transportation. Comparing the strength of grades, we find that grade 100 slings have exceptional strength, for they can lift approximately 25% more weight than a grade 80 sling can. 

You can get a different variety of slings and lift instruments in the market. But, some organisations or businessmen prefer only the chain flings. It is due to the advantage of this product over other variations of lifting instruments. Today, people are going to invest in the products that can be used for a long time without much wear and tear. Following are some of the Advantages of these slings:


The chain slings used for lifting material are durable in all respect. For example, it has wider resistance to kinking, abrasion, crushing, and cuts. If it is directly in contact with the oil, it will not have any adverse effect. If you compare it with other variations of slings or lifting material, this chain variation will get more points. As we all know that UV rays from sunlight are very harmful to a human being or any other materials. But, this lifting equipment is resistant to it. Even when it is exposed to chemicals, no harm will be visible.

Versatile in nature 

The chain sling is such a lifting instrument which does not have only one application. Rather, it can be used in a variety of fields. You can easily adjust its slings to increased or decreased height. The user can customise it according to the need. It can be constructed and used in the fields. You can also use it inside a workshop. If you are thinking about its wear and tear, don’t worry as it can be easily repaired and set back to work.

Why choose a chain sling? 

The buyers are keen to get products with better strength, performance, and durability. The Chain sling for lifting is such a variation with the help of which you can comply with the process of heavy duty lifting. People using the heavy duty instruments for the vehicle workshop or a ship building will choose the chain based slings. The feature of the particular chain based lifting equipment makes it ideal for every day pull up needs in various industries. These can be easily adjusted and are quite flexible to use. The durability and versatility are one of the important features of these slings which have made it prominent among other variations of the lifting instruments. Carrying the slings based on the chain is also really easy as the chains and hooks can be reduced to a lump before it is put inside a bag.