The Requirements for Industrial Doors

Industrial doors are a specific product type designed for industry. If you are looking for secure, fast moving, well insulated, thermal doors with a high specification, then this could be the right type of door for you. It is important you choose the right door that is going to meet your need, as industrial doors are not going to come cheap. There are so many types of industrial doors UK companies can choose, so rather than being baffled by the market, do your research and find out what is right for you.

Establishing your individual requirements 

The only way to choose the right industrial doors for you is to work out your specific requirements. Here are some things to think about to help you formulate a door specification for your industry:

  • What are your entrances currently like? Is it practical? Think about what works and what doesn’t, so you know what problems you will need industrial doors to solve.
  • How large do you need the doors to be? Often, industrial doors will be made unique for you so you can specify the size. Make sure you know what you will need – and if it is a standard size, there may be the possibility of getting a cheaper door.
  • What problems do you need the door to solve? You must think about where you currently struggle and what you would like to do better. Do you find that your warehouse gets very cold? Are you door clumsy and difficult to operate? Then that is a good indication that you will need a door that solves these problems for you, so you know what you specification is going to look like.
  • How secure is your building? If you need to improve on security, then a roller industrial door might be the best option for you. This will lock securely and will be a good deterrent for people who might possibly break in. You can also get alarmed industrial doors if you would prefer.
  • How do you use your building? Think about what you do on a regular basis, as this will dictate what you need from your door. For example, if you have forklift trucks and other vehicles that need regular access, you will also need to consider an automatic high-speed door as an option. If you need a warehouse to stay an ambient temperature, then you might need to think about a door that is going to keep the temperature constant.

You should only ever buy industrial doors from reputable manufacturers who can help you with your exact needs. A good retailer will always help you to establish what you need and will work to meet them with the products they supply. They should also be able to install industrial doors for you, so you know everything will work just as it should. Talk to them about remote controls and how you are going to be able to access your building via the door. This will be important depending on the access you need.