The Difference Between a Roof Lantern and Roof Light

Over recent years, both roof lights and roof lanterns have grown massively in popularity, with a lot of new property developments made with flat roofs, which can usually have roof lights fitted quite easily and quickly, and that’s if they aren’t already included at the start. The difference between these two products can confuse people, after all they are both fitted to a roof, but the differences are important, as they can have huge impacts on both the costs of the projects and on the architectural/interior design of the property in general.

A roof light is typically described as a singular window pane fitted into the roof of what is usually a flat roof, but not necessarily. They can be a tremendous benefit to a room and home, helping to bring more natural light than a traditional window which can make the environment a much healthier and happier place to inhabit. They can also be incorporated into the architectural design of the building to help improve the appearance of the property as well. So long as the roof light is not risking the structural integrity of the building they can also be affordable for most people.

A roof lantern is similar in all of the benefits of a roof light, but they can have a vastly different impact. A roof lantern, unlike a roof light, isn’t made up of a single window, and instead is made up of a number of windows which are joined together to form a dome shape. They work great as a large feature in a home, and are usually cheaper than a comparatively sized roof light. Some say that the dome aspect of their design also helps to create a greater feeling of additional space than what a roof light creates.

While both of these design choices contain elements unique to themselves, both of them work well in a lot of the same scenarios. Which one you should go for for your property really comes down to personal preference, although it isĀ  always worth exploring your options and seeing examples of both options.