The Best Long Lasting Garage Door in UK

If you are living in UK and you are in search of well-designed and high quality garage doors, SeceuroGlide offers you a wide variety of garage doors to choose from. The Securoglide garage doors are manufactured in the UK hence are suitable for the climatic changes present in the region.

Once you decide to purchase a garage door, you will be putting in a lot of investment for your house. This is why you should only buy from reputed companies which will give you products to suit all your requirements.

What makes SeceuroGlide doors the best?

The main reasons as to why Securoglide garage doors are preferred is that they give customers the freedom of choosing from a wide variety of options. For instance, you will be given a choice of panel designs, colours and finishes. There are also plain colour finishes and woodgrain textures to suit your personal preferences. Lastly, you can decide either to include or exclude windows into your design. However, the windows will give you more room to try out unique designs.

Each of the Securoglide garage doors is manufactured to optimise closing and opeing of the garage. By using the remote control unit, you will find the garage door more user friendly. In addition, you can customise a remote which suits your hand perfectly. There is a five year warranty on these compnents.


There are a wide range of low maintenance finished colours which match with the latest windows and doors.


This is a very important element in all garage doors. Even though garage doors may appear harmless, they might be very dangerous as they are mechanical devices. The CE compliant and Safety Edge collision detection ensure that you are always safe from harm.


The SeceuroGlide garage doors are fully insulated with foam-filled slats which increase the overall efficiency while minimising the heating costs.


There are two or three features which make SeceuroGlide the best when it comes to security. First, the 100mm round barrel used on all door sizes is very rigid hence promotes security. Secondly, the galvanised steel plates improve the strength of the doors. Lastly, there is a high quality bottom edge safety sensor which senses any obstructions when opening and closing the door.

What differentiates SeceuroGlide from Hormann Rollmatic?

Most people tend to mistake these two products but they are completely different. The roller type SeceuroGlide doors have the main voltage motor installed inside the barrel. Therefore, there is no obstacle detection device in the barrel. The safety device will often be found at the bottom rubber profile which sends a signal to the control panel if the door encounters an obstruction.

On the other hand, the Hormann doors embrace the use of a low voltage operator which comes with obstacle detection feature. This eliminates the need of a safety edge at the bottom of the door.


The SeceuroGlide doors are the best in the market. They come with a five year warranty and they are durable. The garage door rollers from SeceuroGlide can be installed vertically or horizontally. They will come in handy if you wish to save some space in your garage.