Removing A Dent From A Garage Door

Items needed:

  • Compressed air
  • Dish soap
  • Heavy-duty sponge
  • High-grade aluminium foil
  • Medium-sized bucket
  • Outdoor hose
  • Lighter

Fill the bucket with water and add dish soap. Wash the dented area thoroughly with a sponge and remove any dirt on the surface. Unroll enough aluminium foil to cover the dent with enough room to hold the foil at both ends. Lay the foil flat against the garage door and cover the dent, then use your lighter to move a lit flame back and forth over the dent for 1 minute. You have to use a consistent motion for this work. When done, remove the foil, hold the compressed air can upside down and spray on the dent for around 30 seconds.

Due to the drastic change in temperature, the aluminium will go back into place and your dent should pop back!