Rainfall Simulation Tests

When it comes to roof surveying, rainfall simulation is one of the most common types of tests. This is basically because it is reasonably effective in detecting issue with the roof’s structure, while also being pretty cheap too, at least in comparison to some other building survey jobs.

The pricing of rainfall simulation can cost anywhere from £1000 to £4000 depending upon the size of the roof and the number of leaks you’ve got. In comparison to other roofing survey techniques, such as infrared imaging surveys, this is about a third the cost.

The way rainfall simulation tests work is pretty straight forward, requiring only basic technology. All it is is basically a hose (yes, a lot like a garden hose) which will pump water onto the top of a roof to simulate rainfall. This water should then make its way through the leaks in the roof, revealing their exact location. But of course, normal water wouldn’t be able to give specific locations, so a colour dye is added to it so that its location can be seen more easily.