Oiling A Garage Door

Oiling your garage door is a nice and easy process, and we have broken this down into 4 simple steps. You should lubricate the door springs, chains, rollers and hinges, making sure the door is in good working order. This will also help prevent the door from suffering from rust or squeaky noises.

1) Stand inside the garage and look at the different parts of your garage door. Making sure to focus on the springs, rollers and hinges.

2) Clean up any dirt, dust and any other buildup from the door that you can spot.

3) Spray a small amount of silicone spray onto the moving parts of the garage door. When spray is done, open and close the door for a minute to let the oil lubricate in all moving areas.

4) Open the door and spray the lubricant on the rollers that ride the track. Again, close and open the door for a minute to allow all areas to lubricate.