Housing Insulation

Rules regarding insulation are becoming increasingly stringent throughout the UK, with laws on new homes now saying they need to have a good standard of insulation. In addition to this, the UK government has put into place schemes to help home owners improve upon insulation in existing buildings.

This is all part of a plan by the government to reduce carbon emissions, with the ultimate goal to have around 50% of the reduction in carbon emissions as a whole to come from reductions in carbon emissions from homes, for their goal at 2050. This has been proven to be more difficult than they expected however, as a lot of homes simply aren’t made to have insulation, i.e they have no cavity walls.

To insulate a home, you have two main options, which are interior and exterior insulation. Interior insulation is generally the more preferred option, and is also usually more effective, however it requires cavities in walls and lofts for it to be applicable. Meanwhile, exterior insulation can be used in any scenario to greatly enhance the insulation of a property.