Commercial Parasols for your Hotel or Leisure Business

Space is at a premium in a hotel; every inch of floor space is a chance for you to make a better impression on your guests, improving their experience and increasing your chances of obtaining good reviews and a great reputation in your industry. As a hotelier, you will be well aware that it is all about creating the right ambience both indoors and out of doors, maximising space and getting the most for your money. When designing your outdoor area, features like awnings, umbrellas and commercial parasols can often prove invaluable when making the space more versatile and ensuring it can be used by your guests, come rain or shine. The simple addition of something like a parasol over a patio can make a big difference to your business.

Hotels and leisure businesses that have outdoor space have a big selling point over their competitors, especially in the UK. It’s much more unusual to have swimming pools or large garden areas than it is abroad, so if you have this at your hotel, guest house or other hospitality business, then it’s yours to make the most of. You shouldn’t just think about landscaped gardens and swimming pools though; the main thing for you is to have attractive space, but also versatile and usable space. Creating an effective area of shelter and protection for the outdoors is a key way you can do this easily and cheaply, getting much more for your money.

How can commercial umbrellas play a key part in the development of the outdoor space around your hotel? In fact, commercial umbrellas can be used very imaginatively by hotel and leisure businesses, often those that also have restaurants and dining facilities too. Bear in mind that commercial umbrellas are different to normal domestic umbrellas; the fabric will be far more durable and the umbrellas themselves will be side supported, allowing them to be moved around easily. Guests or hotel staff can angle them accordingly to provide shade where it’s needed, adjusting the umbrellas throughout the day as needed. It’s only a small adjustment that will be required, but it’s one that can have a great impact on the functionality of your outdoor space and the way that your guests can use it.

It’s important to consider aesthetics as well when thinking about commercial umbrellas. Anything like this that’s a largely practical solution will also need to be considered in terms of its appearance and what it can add to the look and fell of the building. Umbrellas come in many different fabrics and patterns – if you have existing umbrellas, parasols or awnings then new umbrellas can often be matched to them. Companies specialising in umbrellas and awnings will have samples they can provide and you can also look on the internet to get inspiration for styling your outdoor space with umbrellas. The framework is usually made from aluminium and will prove very strong, so if you opt for a commercial umbrella for your hotel, rest assured it will be there to stay for many years to come.