Choosing an Electric Hoist

A hoist is the part of a crane that actually performs the lifting, moving loads up and down and sometimes across as well. If you need to invest in a new hoist, then you will have two main options: manual or electric. If you choose manual, you will be able to use this anywhere without an electricity supply. However, the people operating it will need to do all of the work by hand, performing the lift manually. An electric hoist is a much better option in this sense, allowing you to carry out lifts in a much easier, more streamlined way. If you are going to invest in new lifting equipment, then an electric hoist is the better option for you. 

Finding the right hoist specification for your needs 

The next problem comes in choosing your hoist. Often, they will be made to your specifications and are not one size fits all type products. This means that you will need to know exactly what you want to get out of a hoist before you place an order. 

Some of the things a supplier will need to know are: 

  • The height of the lifts you are going to be carrying out
  • The maximum weight that the load could be
  • The beam flange width
  • Where the hoist is going to be used, in an indoor or outdoor environment
  • The number of lifts that you will be performing

There are also some more premium features you can select. These include: 

  • Chain containers. These will collect up the slack from the chain as the hoist is operating. This makes the operation safer, but will also help in protecting the load, because a chain could damage a load that is delicate. 
  • Dual speed. The hoist will be able to lift a load at two different speeds, so you can specify it when you are operating the crane. This is useful when you are handling more delicate goods, as you can lower it down or begin lifting it at a slower pace. 

Once you know what you need to get out of your hoist, you can choose the right electric chain hoist for your needs. If you don’t know what type of hoist will meet your requirements, then find a reputable supplier who will be able to offer you help and advice. They will take into account everything you need and will advise you on the kinds of products that will do what you need them to do. This can be a good way to find out about the different kinds of products that are on the market – if you always stick with what you know, you might not know that there are other hoists and items of lifting equipment available that would better suit you and your cranes. The lifting equipment market is one that changes rapidly and there are always new developments, so even if you think you know exactly what you need, then it is always worth having a discussion with your trusted lifting equipment suppliers.