Cavity Wall Insulation

Everybody by now, after all of the schemes and attention given to them by the government, should be aware of cavity wall insulation and its benefits, but in case you missed it, here’s what you need to know…

Cavity wall insulation is really good because it is very easy to install. So long as you have cavity walls (which, unfortunately, not every home has), then all you need to do is either find or create an access point and stuff the space in the cavity with insulation materials like the natural product wool or other man-made glass fibres. If your accessibility is very limited then you can use loose fill insulation, which can be used more easily than the sheets that insulation typically comes in.

Cavity wall installation can often be very cheap, often done for as little as a few thousand pounds. While this seems like a lot, the amount of money which you can save every year will make up for the initial cost within just a few years. You can install certain types of insulation by yourself (such as wool), but many of the man-made insulations can present a significant health risk.