Buying an Electric Chain Hoist

If you work in an industry, chances are you are familiar with the search for electric chain hoist UK. That’s because good quality electric chain hoists aren’t always easy to come by, making them a highly sought after product in the construction industry. Lifting equipment needs to be top quality, both because of health and safety (it can lead to serious accidents if cranes, hoists etc. aren’t safe) and cost-effectiveness (hoists and other pieces of lifting equipment are not cheap, so you need to be able to balance the books).

Good quality chain hoists can be used with many different applications. They might be used in rigging, or they might be used with a crane in industry. The various options that are available make it a highly versatile way of performing lifting tasks – by using an electric chain hoist, you streamline your workload and actually make the process of carrying out lifting tasks much easier and much safer.

What exactly is an electric chain hoist? 

There are many different types of hoist, like manual hoists and electric wire rope hoists. The electric chain hoist UK is one of the most strong and sturdy – it has a higher weight capacity and can perform under more stress and strain. You will often be able to get hold of electric chain hoists that have a capacity of up to 30 Tonnes. There is also heavy duty electric chain hoists, which can be used for more intense operations. Some of the most common features include:

  • Dual speed. The hoist can be used at different speeds, for normal operation and for moving a load slowly and carefully into place.
  • Chain container. This collects the chain, preventing it from damage during operation. It is an important part of the operation process if you want your lifting machinery to last as long as possible.
  • Limit switch. Set limits for the hook path to control the process and prevent any accidental damage. This can be especially beneficial for heavy, bulky or awkward loads.
  • Radio remote control. Use the crane or other application from a safe distance and manage the lifting processes with a radio remote control system.

Health and safety whilst using chain hoists 

The electric element of a chain hoist can be extremely useful, but it also requires excellent control. Make sure you are a safe distance from the equipment at all times and ensure all people who operate hoists have been adequately trained. You must ensure they have ongoing training as well so that they know how to use the equipment safely. Keep logs of all the training your carry out – lifting equipment helps to make lifting processes safer, but only if it is then used correctly.

It is also your duty to maintain all lifting equipment – LOLER and PUWER will dictate how often servicing needs to take place. Organise servicing ahead of time and again, keep records of everything so that you can monitor safety and know when the next service is going to be needed. Always use a reputable and experience hoist servicing company.