2008 Tudor Timber Up and Over Doors

Up and over garage doors are a safe and reliable option for any home. Up and over doors generally come in two varieties, canopy and retractable. When open, a canopy door overhangs the garage, whereas a retractable door retracts into the garage, leaving the edge flush against the garage opening.

Up and over canopy doors are a great option for those who want the maximum amount of drive-through space. These doors are the easiest type to install. The torsion springs and roller cables add extra assistance and balance to make the doors simple to open and close. When open, about one-third of the up and over canopy door protrudes out from the doorframe. These doors also have the ability to be automated with a bow arm converter if an individual prefers an electric opening.

Up and over retractable doors are quickly increasing in popularity. The mechanism used on these doors is designed to easily and safely convert to electric operation. It is also designed to require minimal equipment, making it easy to maintain. Retractable doors will reduce the amount of drive-through space available, though, so these doors should only be installed in openings that will still be large enough for a vehicle to fit through. The retractable option is great for those who want to be able to open the door using a remote control.

2008 Tudor Timber Up and Over doors offer natural beauty and low maintenance. They come with an optional steel or timber box section for added reinforcement, making these doors even more durable. This box section works on all sizes and types of timber up and over doors and is necessary in order for the door to be installed properly and safely. It is highly recommended to choose the steel or timber box section installed unless the garage already has a frame built in. The box section can be installed either in between or behind the garage opening, depending on the customer’s preference.

Timber up and over doors come with a standard clear basecoat stain. However, the timber used to produce these doors is flexible, so if a customer prefers, the doors can be factory finished in a range of colours. The doors also come in a range of styles, so there is sure to be a style for everyone. The timber used to make the doors is lightweight as well, so there will be no struggle with opening or closing. The single panel design makes for less maintenance and leaves less room for issues to occur.

The 2008 Tudor Timber Up and Over doors can be customised to the specifications of the customer, allowing for freedom and complete satisfaction. To this day, up and over doors offer the greatest versatility in design and materials. Their durable construction is unrivalled and beneficial, as it leads to low-maintenance. These doors are affordable as well, making them an excellent option for any garage. Up and over doors offer the greatest level of quality available on the market today and are built to last.